Reasons Why Lionel Messi Need To Win 2018 FIFA World Cup

With world cup around the corner, So many teams are preparing to compete in the  upcoming competition and so many players are expected to play their last world cup this year being 2018 Russia world cup, So many eyes are on some countries that have most star players like Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Belgium and Spain. Some star players are looking ahead to win this world cup while some have a taught that it's their last hope of winning the world cup. see the Squad list of all 32 nations playing the FIFA 2018 world cup in Russia

Messi world cup

One of those players that the world is looking out to watch is Lionel Messi, The Argentine have been with no luck when it comes to achieving great things with his home country and that have made the country media to criticize them a lot in terms of how woefully they appear to be when performing for their countries.

Messi on his own can lead Argentina to world cup glory but with the way his fellow team mates do perform in their various competition, It always turn out to be a blow for the Argentine. take a minute to see the world cup draws and fixtures before you continue

Messi have loss three straight finals with Argentina of which two happens to Copa America and One happened to be world cup Final against Germany in 2014. And with this latest world cup coming up in Russia, Messi and his fellow Argentine need to do their best in other to get the world cup glory for their country. Messi own his own from his past interviews and the way he played on his last Barca games, you will understand that he is about to play every match in this world cup like final.
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Mexico's 23-ma

Here Are Some Reasons Why Messi Need To Win World Cup

Last Chance Of Winning The World Cup

Last week, Lionel Messi on interview with Argentina media and the 5 time ballon d' Or winner said that this is his only chance of winning world cup and from his age and the way he is playing now is likely that this is the last chance he has to win world cup for his country, though there is still hope of him winning the cup come 2022 but that will only come as a miracle if someone rise like him as he rise like his fellow country man Maradona.

Only Chance Of Winning FIFA World Best

With some speculations around who will win FIFA world best, So many players now are now in contest of who will win the FIFA world best in this current world cup campaign in Russia. The likes of Neymar Jr from Brazil, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mohammed Salah are all contending for the world best if they win the trophy or go far with their various teams in the world cup. Lionel Messi have achieve a lot this season with his Barca teammates this year but everything he has played for his club is not that enough for him to win FIFA world best, But with FIFA world cup at the corner, he have all it takes to win FIFA world best this year 2018.

Only Chance Of Becoming All Time Greatest Player

When talking about world great players, the first thing that comes to mind istheir base on achievement. The likes of Messi and Ronaldo with the amount of the records they have set between each other, they need world cup to answer the world greatest player and with world cup at hand this year is likely that Messi could win world cup and answer the world greatest player of all time beating the likes of Maradona and Pele.

Although there are several other reasons why Messi need to win the 2018 edition on the FIFA world cup, but at this juncture I need to rest my case.

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