26 Facts Ahead Of 2018 FIFA World cup in Russia

facts ahead of 2018 wc

Like we all know, 2018 is another world cup year and with the way this particular world cup is been prepare by each team around the globe, is likely that it will be the most exciting world cup since the since the inception in 1930.
FIFA competitions which happens to be the most popular and widely watched sport by it's fans. Football have been the highest sports that is been played in almost all the country around the world.
Football has gotten to the level that it has now become a demanding sports of which have gain a huge recognition as compare to other sports. FIFA like we all know do organize World Cup every 4 years.
Ahead of 2018 world cup in Russia, there some interesting facts you need to know about FIFA world cup football tournament, there are most of them you might not have come across with but with some facts here you will get to know all of them.

Facts Ahead Of 2018 World cup

>>>1. 2018 will be the 21st edition of FIFA world cup, 88 years after initial tournament in Uruguay and for the first time in Russia.
>>>2. The tournament will take place in 1 stadium across eleven cities in Russia. Moscow is the only city with two stadiums ( Luzhniki and Spartak)
>>>3. Apart from South Africa, all hosts countries have reached second round and in some cases they do win the tournament
>>>4. Iceland and Panama are making their debut in this world cup while Slovakia were the last team to make it past the group stages on their debut in 2010
>>>5. All the world cup competition have be won by European countries(11) and south American (9) counties
>>>6. Brazil are the only country to have appear in every world cup competition and they are the only team to have won it 5 times.
>>>7. Portugal are aiming to be the fourth team to win the European cup and World cup consecutively, If they do it they will follow the likes of Spain, West Germany and France
>>>8. Group D which include Argentina, Croatia, Nigeria and Iceland happens to be the most exciting group in this world cup
>>>9. Germany team now should be having that hope of winning world cup back to back since Brazil in 1962.
>>>10. The last reigning champion were knocked out in the group stage, Italy in 2010 and Spain in 2014
>>>11. Italy failed to qualify for the first time since 1958 to make them the only eight teams to have won the competition who won't compete in Russia
>>>12. Brazil have the most red cards in the history of the competition with 11, Argentina 10, Uruguay 9 not far behind.
>>>13. Switzerland are the only country not to concede  in a world cup competition with no goals concede in 4 games in 2006
>>>14. Mexico have qualify up to 16 times without winning any trophy in each campaign
>>>15. 11 of the 62 games England have played in world cup have end 0-0, more than any team.
>>>16. Peru who competed in the first world cup will play in the competition for the first time since 1982, the longest absentee since history of world cup.
>>>17. Germany have score the most goals in last three world Cups  ( 14 in 2006, 16 in 2010, 18 in 2014)
>>>18. The most goals in single world cup match occur on June 26, 1954 Austria beat Switzerland 7-5
>>>19. The most goals in the history of world cup occurs in 1998 and 2014(171) while the one with least goals after 64 games is 145 in the year 2010
>>>20. Germany were the only UEFA team to win all their qualifiers and the best goal difference (+39)
>>>21. This current world cup is the first world cup for Roberto Martinez, he is the first foreign coach to lead Belgium at major competition since Doug Livingstone in Switzerland 1054
>>>22. Sweden have kept a clean sheet in just three of their last 24 world cup matches.
>>>23. All Denmark's 27 goals at World cups have come from inside the box
>>>24. Croatia have lost the first game in their last three World cups the most have come from south american team Brazil.
>>>25. The last time Switzerland have reach quarter-final was 1954 when they were the host since then they have never passed the second round.
>>>26. Iceland are the country with the smallest population to ever compete at World Cup, with 334, 000 residents

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