Deloitte Football Money League 2018: Announces The 20 Richest Clubs in the World

The Deloitte Football Money League reveals the 30 highest earning clubs in the game for the year 2018 showing the enormous financial revenue of European football clubs.
20 richest clubs in the world

According to Deloitte's ranking, 10 clubs in the top 20 list, were from the English premier league and 14 clubs in the top 30 the most from one single league since records began.

Manchester United is once again the world's richest football club ahead of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Manchester City with an income of €676.3 million. Thanks to the their UEFA Europa League title in Stockholm.

Manchester United were handed €44.5m from UEFA for winning the Europa league in 2017 four times as much as Atlentico Madrid got for winning the same trophy in 2012. 

The Spanish giants real Madrid were on the other hand made €674.6m, despite winning the la liga, champions league, Spanish super cup, UEFA super cup and world club cup yet fell €1.7 m behind Manchester United which is the narrowest margin ever recorded.

Barcelona rank third in cash League with a revenue of €648.3m (£557.1m), with Bayern Munchen (€587.8m/505.1m), and Manchester town (€527.7m/£453.5m) finishing the highest 5.

A record 10 English clubs feature within the prime twenty, generating a complete revenue of €3.8bn, helped by the very fact that 16-17 was the primary season of the present record Premier League broadcast rights deal.

Three clubs from Germany, 3 from spain, 3 from Italia and one from France feature within the high twenty.

In total, the combined revenue of the highest twenty clubs grew six per cent to €7.9bn, a new record cash League recorded, how do the clubs rank overall?


#20 EVERTON >>2016-17 revenue: €199.2m | £171.2m
matchday revenue:  €16.8m
Commercial:  €30.5m
Broadcasting:  €151.9m

#19 NAPOLI >>2016-17 revenue: €200.7m | £172.5m
matchday revenue:  €19.4m
Commercial:  €34.3m
Broadcasting:  €147m

#18 SOUTHAMPTON >>2016-17 revenue: €212.1m | £182.3m
matchday revenue:  €26.1m
Commercial:  €19.6m
Broadcasting:  €166.4m

#17 WEST HAM >>2016-17 revenue: €213.3m | £183.3m
matchday revenue:  €33.3m
Commercial:  €41.2m
Broadcasting:  138.8m

#16 SCHALKE >>2016-17 revenue: €230.2m | £197.8m
matchday revenue:  €53.3m
Commercial:  €94.6m
Broadcasting:  €82.3m

inter milan

#15 INTER >>2016-17 revenue: €262.1m | £225.2m

matchday revenue:  €28.4m
Commercial:  130.1m
Broadcasting:  €103.6m

#14 LEICESTER CITY >>2016-17 revenue: €271.1m | £233m

matchday revenue: 19.2m
Commercial: 29.9m
Broadcasting:  €222m

#13 ATLETICO MADRID >>2016-17 revenue: €272.5m | £234.2m

matchday revenue: €41m
Commercial: €70.5m
Broadcasting: €161m


#12 BORUSSIA DORTMUND >>2016-17 revenue: €332.6m | £285.8m

matchday revenue: 58.6m
Commercial: 158.2m
Broadcasting: 125.8m

#11 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR >>2016-17 revenue: €355.6m | £305.6m

matchday revenue: €52.7
Commercial:  €83.7m
Broadcasting:  €219m

#10 JUVENTUS >>2016-17 revenue: €405.7m | £348.6m

matchday revenue:  €57.8m
Commercial:  €114.4m
Broadcasting:  €233.5m


#9 LIVERPOOL >>2016-17 revenue: €424.2m | £364.5m

matchday revenue:  €80.1m
Commercial:  €161.6m
Broadcasting:  €182.5m


#8 CHELSEA >>2016-17 revenue: €428m | £367.8m

matchday revenue:  €76.2m
Commercial:  €162.7m
Broadcasting:  €189.1m

#7 PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN >>2016-17 revenue: €486.2m | £417.8m

matchday revenue:  €90.2m
Commercial:  €274.1m
Broadcasting:  €121.9m

#6 ARSENAL >>2016-17 revenue: €487.6m | £419m

matchday revenue: €116.4m
Commercial: €136.5m
Broadcasting: €234.7m

kelvin de bruyn

#5 MANCHESTER CITY >>2016-17 revenue: €527.7m | £453.5m

matchday revenue: €60.4m
Commercial: €230.5m
Broadcasting: €236.8m

#4 BAYERN MUNICH >>2016-17 revenue: €587.8m | £505.1m

matchday revenue: €97.7m
Commercial:  €343.4m
Broadcasting:  €146.7m

#3 BARCELONA >>2016-17 revenue: €648.3m | £557.1m

matchday revenue:  €137.2m
Commercial:  €296.2m
Broadcasting:  €214.9

fifa club world cup

#2 REAL MADRID >>2016-17 revenue: €674.6m | £579.7m

matchday revenue:  €136.4m
Commercial:  €225.9m
Broadcasting:  €236.8m

Alexis Sanchez

#1 MANCHESTER UNITED >>2016-17 revenue: €676.3m | £581.2m

matchday revenue:  €125.2m
Commercial:  €325.2m
Broadcasting:  €225.9m

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