14 Basic Basketball Terms You Should know

All sports will have some tough cant. However, the fast nature of basketball will build learning the language of hoops a bit challenging. we have a tendency to thought it'd be a decent plan to tug along a fast wordbook, process a number of the trickier basketball terms. whereas not a whole list, the subsequent terms ought to assist you navigate a number of the sports announcers’ patter.
bascket ball terms

1. alley-oop

By far the foremost amusing basketball term to mention aloud, the alley-oop refers to a high pass close to the rim of the basket that another player dunks or tips in. The word ultimately comes from a French exclamation “allez-hop!”, wont to encourage or draw attention to associate athletic accomplishment like a leap or raise upwards.

2. buzzer beater

When a player takes an effort before the tip of quarter buzzer however it goes into the basket once the buzzer has gone off, you'd refer to that shot as a buzzer beater.

3. cherry-picking

Although it's tempting to somehow judge this strategy to the tallest player on the court, cherry-picking truly describes the strategy of a player WHO will very little defensively and instead waits round the opponent’s basket for marking opportunities. A debatable plan of action, cherry-picking is commonly a violation in amateur leagues and leads to a penalty.

4. double

A double could be a datum that refers to a player accumulating double digits in anyone of five classes throughout a game: points, assists, steals, blocked shots, and rebounds. once somebody refers to a double-double, means that|this suggests|this implies} that they need doubles in 2 of the 5 categories; triple-double means the player has doubles in 3 of the 5, etc.

5. fast break

The break is associate offensive strategy that involves moving the ball up the court as quickly as attainable, with the goal of getting into position for marking opportunities before the defense is allowed to line up. a quick break generally involves cherry-picking.

6. field goal

Nope, not football—still basketball. A field goal is that the term to explain each two- and three-point shots, excluding free throws. the sphere goal proportion of a player or team appearance at the overall range of baskets created to shots taken.

7. full-court press

A full-court press is once a team plays defense for the whole length of the court (rather than simply on the half-court). This defense is usually deployed by groups for everything of a game, however is a lot of usually seen once a team is trailing late within the game and attempting to force turnovers.

8. key

The two rectangle-shaped keys on a court (one directly before of and part at a lower place every basket) area unit outlined by the tip line, the free-throw line, and also the 2 lines that connect them. formally known as the penalty free throw lane, the realm is additionally known as the paint.

9. decide and roll

The decide and roll is one in all the foremost common offensive plays. The play usually starts with the member of the offense WHO is in possession of the ball being guarded by a member of the defense. Another member of the offense then comes up behind the defensive player and sets a screen, or “pick,” behind the player. The ball-handler then “rolls” around his associate, deed the defender to decide on between defensive the player WHO picked him or continued to defend the ball-handler.

10. posting up

Posting up describes once a player on the offense sets up near the basket below the foul line, sometimes facing far from the basket together with his back is to the defender. This positioning permits him to use his body to safeguard the ball, further as open up differing types of marking opportunities.

11. run-and-gun

Run-and-gun refers to a fast offensive vogue accentuation quick breaks and marking opportunities. Typically, groups fidgeting with a run and gun offense each score and permit variant points.

12. sixth man

With 5 players on the court for a team at constant time, the sixth man refers to the primary non-starting player off the bench, WHO is taken into account a lot of valuable than alternative reserve players.

13. triple threat

When a player 1st receives a ball and has not nonetheless dribbled, she is taken into account a triple threat, which means that she will either pass, shoot, or dribble (the full vary of offensive options).

14. turnover

Turnover describes any of the varied ways in which during which possession of the ball moves from one team to a different.

What area unit your favorite basketball terms? Tell North American nation within the comments below!


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