New Features of FIFA 18, Ultimate Team, What are and Career Mode

In case you don't know FIFA 18 has been officially released and it is now the latest rocking video game for every game console. FIFA 18 arrived with plenty of new features specific to certain game modes which we are going to reveal in this post.
fifa 18 new features

EA Sports has labelled  FIFA 18 as the biggest step in the franchise history in terms of game play. New features like 'Real Player Motion Technology', a new animation system that "unlocks the next level of responsiveness and player personality".

Now Cristiano Ronaldo and other top players feel and move exactly like they do on the real pitch which was revealed on a video released  by EA sports showing a  360° video of Ronaldo's movements - specifically, his famous heel chop.
ronaldo fifa 18 cover

According to EA Sports FIFA 18 was an innovative idea that has come to give video games new dimension and make it look more authentic than ever. with the new animations that will make game play more dynamic than ever. EA sports are also introducing "all-new" crossing controls to allow players to get greater accuracy on their balls into the box and shape crosses in different ways.

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EA Sports has extended their focus not only on Individual stars to teams style of play which is a unique feature to every team from tiki-taka to high press, new Team Styles put the most recognized tactics of the world's best clubs on the pitch, From catenaccio to counter attack, quick passing to direct play in FIFA 18.

Enjoy more time and space to read the play through New Player Positioning, while improved tactics give players greater options on the ball as teammates exploit space and make new attacking runs.

Dynamic Quick Substitutes For the first time, you can easily make changes in-game without having to pause with new context-based substitutions. Whether it's a missed chance, or a necessary response to conceding a goal, you can instantly decide if a change is needed without visiting the menu.

Immersive Atmospheres: things like sun position, cinematic atmosphere, on-pitch debris, club and stadium specific banners, adaptive commentary.
the journey fifa 18


O yes the journey continues with Alex Hunter for the second season in succession. The journey was first introduced in FIFA 17 Powered by the new Frostbite engine, The Journey introduced a more cinematic experience to FIFA 17 and saw players guide Hunter through his first season of professional football. 
hunter fifa 18

In FIFA 17 you can only play Hunter in the premier league, but in FIFA 18 other leagues have been made available for the Hunter to play as speculation rise weather Hunter will be making a big money move.According to EA the a new story line and character has been featured in FIFA 18.

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The Legends in FIFA 17  has been replaced with famous icons on the sports this will be experienced by those who play with PS4 and PC. The retired player of days are made available to play with exclusively on Xbox One in FIFA 18 will be shared across all consoles this year and rebranded as a result. 
fifa 18 icon edition

The likes of Ronaldo Nazario who will grace the cover of the Icon Edition, Pele, Ronaldinho, Maradona, Thierry Henry etc were all featured in the Iconic edition. A five-match loan card of Ronaldo Nazario and Cristiano Ronaldo are  available for the Icon Edition giving you two power force upfront. 

EA Sports also introduced a single-player mode in which gamers can play against special squads built by celebrities, professional footballers, pro FIFA players and others in the FUT community for rewards to the Icon Edition called 'Squad Battles' to Ultimate Team.


The offline mode of FIFA 18 was designed to match up with the Journey Story. Transfers can now be negotiated one on one with the players representatives making use of the Frostbite engine.
fifa 18 career mode

You will have to sit with the manager of your transfer target to negotiate a deal to sign the player. you will tell the Club how much you will pay for the player. Once both parties agree on terms, you will be given permission to talk to the player and his agent over personal terms like salary and bonouses.

The player will be presented to the media and fans after the deal with the aid of more  Frostbite magic.

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