When trying to buy a computer you might get confused trying to pick out from the variety of options a device suitable for your life style which will meet its purpose of purchase. If you are trying to replace your old computer or trying to get one for your self or loved ones, there there are certain things you need to know to enable you spend your money wisely without regret.


When planing on what to buy the first thing to consider is the amount you are willing to spend on that particular item, We humans will always want the best but we make sure it is affordable. before making purchases draw your budget and stick to it.


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You should know what you want, ask your self this "do i need a laptop or a desktop?" A laptop may be portable with battery but more expensive while a desktop might be less expensive but more bulky. now depending on what you intend to do with the computer, you make your choice with respect to your budget to see if it is viable,if not adjust your budget to suit your need.


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The processor or central processing unit (CPU) can be classified as the brain of the computer so it is justifiable to consider it as paramount. modern computers are now rated based on their processing abilities i.e the no of cores and speed of the processor. You wouldn't want to buy a computer with outdated processor or low processing speed or even a computer that hangs when running all this are attributed to the  processor. A faster CPU (meaning higher MHz/GHz) will result in a faster system. So, if you want a fast computer that boots up programs in a flash, completes tasks as soon as you start them, and doesn't keep you waiting, then you should choose to have the strongest CPU available.  A microprocessor with 3.0GHz speed should be twice as fast as the one running at 1.5 GHz. What about cores? Today, there are dual-core and quad-core processors. A core is the "working part" of the processor. A dual-core processor is like having an extra brain in your head to help you do things. Multi-core computers make it easier for you to run several programs at the same time.


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Random Access Memory (RAM) is the “active” memory of your computer. Like the CPU, people often choose RAM by number, although having more number of RAM will boost up your computer speed an enhance performance. A DDR2-800 RAM, will be a faster memory than DDR2-400. The last number signifies how many millions of data transfers the RAM can make each second. A System with 2GB RAM is good but will not be suitable for gaming and higher programs, rather go for a system with 4GB RAM.


A hard drive is where the system stores all the information given to it. when you load your pdf files, media files, MS word files etc the hard drive is where they are been stored. These days, most new computers come with sizable 1 terabyte hard drives (1 TB), which is the capacity of 1,000 gigabytes.
dont buy a computer that will after few months run out of storage capacity.

There are other things to consider in a RAM than just the size of it. If you check out the specifics of the RAM in a computer and see that it’s DDR2-800, you can get a quick sense that this is a faster memory than one labeled DDR2-400, as that last number signifies how many millions of data transfers the RAM can make each second. RAM also has clock speeds, similar to processors, and the faster, the better.


The screen is a very important feature of a computer because you can only see what your computer is communicating through the screen, so you want to make sure you get a screen that is comfortable to look at. some laptops now come with glossy screen (touch screen). Glossy screens lead to reflections, A laptop that doesn’t have a touchscreen should be a better option.


 When you spend you money wisely you will be satisfied indeed, a computer is an investment when you purchase the correct type of computer that suits your lifestyle and budget you will be glad. 
Factors such as the amount of money one is able to spend, how the computer will be used, and how the computer will be connected to the Internet, will help you choose the right computer for you needs.

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