Floyd Mayweather's 50 Opponents - Find out who They are and when

Floyd Mayweather has now gone 50 games undefeated from his debut in 1996 till-date, battling (mostly) the best of the best throughout his illustrious boxing career. Mayweather may not be the strongest of boxers, but has achieved a great mile stone in boxing. He’s made his case to be considered the best pound-for-pound fighter of his generation.
mayweather's 50 opponents

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There are so many controversies behind Mayweather's career, from his arguable loss to Jose Luis Castillo in 2002 to his tendency to pick his opponents carefully in the latter half of his career. Some of those opponents are still fighting today, some are recently retired, some are legends in boxing, while others have faded out of view. Unfortunately, some of the fighters have since died as well.

Below are all the opponents of  Floyd Mayweather 
SEE ALSO: list of richest Athlets in the world 50. Mayweather vs. Roberto Apodaca (10/11/1996) TKO
This was Mayweather's pro debut back in October 1996. Mayweather won Roberto Apodaca by TKO in Round 2.

49.  Mayweather vs. Reggie Sanders (11/30/1996) UD
In November 1996 Mayweather had his second professional fight against Reggie Sanders. Mayweather won by unanimous decision in the fourth round.

48. Mayweather vs.  Jerry Cooper (1/18/1997) TKO
Mayweather's third pro bout was in January 1997 against Jerry Cooper. Mayweather won in a two-minute.

47. Mayweather vs. Edgar Ayala (2/1/1997) TKO
Mayweather's fourth pro bout was in February 1997, Mayweather beat Edgar Ayala in a two-round.

46. Mayweather vs.  Kino Rodriguez (3/12/1997) TKO
Mayweather's fifth pro bout was against Kino Rodriguez, Mayweather won by total TKO.

45. Mayweather vs. Bobby Giepert (4/12/1997) TKO
Mayweather's sixth pro bout was On April 12, 1997 against Bobby Giepert, knocking him out in one round.

44. Mayweather vs. Tony Duran (5/9/1997) TKO
Mayweather's sixth pro bout was against Tony Duran Mayweather won by TKO in 1 minute, 12 seconds, the fastest fight of his career.

43. Mayweather vs. Larry O'Shields (6/14/1997) UD
Mayweather's seventh pro bout was in June 1997 against Larry O'Shields, 
Mayweather won after 6 rounds by an unanimous decision.

42.  Mayweather vs. Jesus Chavez (7/12/1997) TKO
Mayweather's eighth fight came in July against Jesus Chavez, Mayweather won by TKO in round 5.

41. Mayweather vs. Louie Leija (9/6/1997) TKO
Mayweather's ninth fight came on September 6 , 1997, against Louie Leija. Mayweather won by TKO in Round 2.

40. Mayweather vs. Felipe Garcia (10/14/1997) TKO
Mayweather's tenth fight came on october 14 , 1997, against Louie Leija. Mayweather won by TKO.
mayweather's 50 opponents

39. Mayweather vs. Angelo Nunez (11/20/1997) TKO
Mayweather's eleventh fight came on November 20, 1997. Mayweather won by TKO in Round 6.

38. Mayweather vs. Hector Arroyo (1/9/1998) TKO
Mayweather's 12th fight came against Hector Arroyo. Mayweather won by TKO in Round 3.

37. Mayweather vs. Sam Girard (2/28/1998) TKO
Mayweather's 13th fight came against Sam GirardMayweather won by TKO in Round 5.

36. Mayweather vs. Miguel Melo (3/23/1998) TKO
Mayweather's 14th fight was against Miguel Melo.  Mayweather won by TKO in Round 3.

35. Mayweather vs. Gustavo Fabian (4/18/1998) UD
Mayweather's 15th fight. it was his first time of going 10 rounds which he later won by an unanimous decision.

34. Mayweather vs. Tony Pep (6/14/1998) UD
Mayweather's 16th fight. going for another 10 round before winning by unanimous decision.

33. Mayweather vs. Genaro Hernandez (10/3/1998) RTD
Mayweather's 17th fight. the fight was stopped at 8th round. (won Lineal and WBC Super Featherweight titles)

32. Mayweather vs. Angel Manfredy (12/19/1998) TKO
Mayweather's 18th fight came on 19th december, 1993. Mayweather won after two rounds. (retained Lineal and WBC Super Featherweight titles)

31. Mayweather vs. Carlos Alberto Ramon Rios (2/17/1999) UD
Mayweather's 19th fight was against Carlos Alberto. Mayweather won after 12 rounds by unanimous decision.

30.  Mayweather vs. Justin Juuko (2/22/1999) KO
Mayweather's 20th fight was against Justin Juuko.  Mayweather knocked him out in the ninth round. ( retained Lineal and WBC Super Featherweight titles)
mayweather and carlos

29. Mayweather vs. Carlos Gerena (9/11/1999) RTD
Four months after knocking out Juuko, Mayweather faced off with Carlos Gerena. Mayweather won when the fight was stopped in the seventh round. (retained Lineal and WBC Super Featherweight titles)

28. Mayweather vs. Gregorio Vargas (3/18/2000) UD
Mayweather's 22nd fight. He won by unanimous decision after 12 rounds. ( retained Lineal and WBC Super Featherweight titles)

27. Mayweather vs. Emanuel Augustus (10/21/2000) TKO
Mayweather's 23rd fight was against Emanuel Augustus in October 2000 and won by TKO in the ninth round. Mayweather once referred to him as the toughest fighter he'd faced.

26. Mayweather vs. Diego Corrales (2/1/2001) TKO
Mayweather's 24th fight was against Diego Corrales ended  in the tenth round winning by a TKO. Diego Corrales died in a motor accident in 2007. (retained Lineal and WBC Super Featherweight titles)

25. Mayweather vs. Carlos Hernandez (5/26/2001) UD
Mayweather's 25th fight was against Diego Carlos Hernandez which ended  in the 12th round winning by an unanimous decision. (retained Lineal and WBC Super Featherweight titles)

24. Mayweather vs. Jesus Chavez (11/10/2001) RTD
Mayweather's 26th fight was against Jesus Chavez. Mayweather won by technical decision in the ninth round. (retained Lineal and WBC Super Featherweight titles)

23. Mayweather vs. Jose Luis Castillo (4/20/2002) UD
Mayweather's 26th fight was against Jose Luis Castillo, which ended  in the 12th round winning by an unanimous decision. (won WBC and The Ring Lightweight titles)

22. Mayweather vs. Jose Luis Castillo (7/12/2002) UD
Mayweather had a rematch Jose Luis Castillo wining by unanimous decision at the 12th round. ( retained WBC and The Ring Lightweight titles)

21.  Mayweather vs. Victoriano Sosa (4/19/2003) UD
Mayweather's next opponent was Victoriano Sosa, who he beat by unanimous decision after 12 rounds. (retained WBC and The Ring Lightweight titles)

20. Mayweather vs. Phillip Ndou (11/1/2003) TKO
Mayweather's 30th fight was against Philip Ndou. Mayweather won by TKO in Round 7. (

19. Mayweather vs. DeMarcus Corley (5/22/2004) UD
Mayweather's 31st fight only fight in 2004 came against DeMarcus Corley, who he beat via unanimous decision after 12 rounds.

18. Mayweather vs. Henry Bruseles (1/22/2005) TKO
Mayweather's 32nd fight was in january 2005 against Henry Bruseles winning him by TKO in 8 round.

17. Mayweather vs. Arturo Gatti (6/25/2005) RTD
Mayweather's 33rd fight was in 2005 against Arturo Gatti which he won by decision after six rounds. (won WBC Light Welterweight title)

16. Mayweather vs. Sharmba Mitchell (11/19/2005) TKO
Mayweather fought Sharmba Mitchell in November of 2005. He won by TKO in the sixth round..

15. Mayweather vs. Zab Judah (4/8/2006) UD
Mayweather's 35th fight was against Zab Judah. Mayweather won by unanimous decision after 12 rounds. (won IBF and IBO Welterweight titles)

14. Mayweather vs. Carlos Manuel Baldomir (11/4/2006) UD
Mayweather's 36th fight was against Carlos Manuel Baldomir.  Mayweather won by  unanimous decision. (retained IBO Welterweight title and won WBC, IBA and The Ring Welterweight titles)

13. Mayweather vs. Oscar De La Hoya (5/5/2007) SD
Mayweather's 37th fight. He took on Oscar De La Hoya for one of the biggest fights of his career. He won by split decision after 12 rounds. (won WBC Light Middleweight title)

12. Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton (12/8/2007) TKO
Mayweather's 38th was in December 2007, Mayweather fought Ricky Hatton, beating him via TKO in the 10th round. (retained WBC and The Ring Welterweight titles)

11. Mayweather vs. Juan Manuel Marquez (9/19/2009) UD
Mayweather took a break before returning in 2009 to beat Juan Manuel Marquez
by unanimous decision.

10. Mayweather vs. Shane Mosley (5/1/2010) UD
Mayweather's 40th fight was against Shane Mosley in 2010, He won by unanimous decision after 12 rounds.

9. Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz (9/17/2011) KO
Mayweather took Victor ortiz in his 41st pro match which he won at the fourth round by a KO. (won WBC Welterweight title)

8. Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto (5/5/2012) UD
Mayweather's 42nd pro fight was against Miguel Cotto beating him by unanimous decision after 12 rounds.(won WBA Super Light Middleweight title)

7. Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero (5/4/2013) UD
Mayweather made it 43 wins out of 43 fights after beating Robert Guerrero by unanimous decision. ( retained WBC Welterweight title and won The Ring Welterweight title)

6. Mayweather vs. Saul Alvarez (9/14/2013) MD
Mayweather took his unbeaten tally to 44 after beating Saul Alvarez by majority decition.

5. Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana (5/3/2014) MD
Mayweather's 45th pro fight came against Marcos Maidana in 2014,. Mayweather won by majority decision. (retained WBC and The Ring Welterweight titles and won WBA Super Welterweight title)

4. Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana (9/13/2014) UD
Mayweather had a rematch with  Marcos Maidana which he won to make it 46 wins out of 46 fights. The fight was  Marcos Maidana's last before retirement. (

3. Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao (5/2/2015) UD
Mayweather had his 48th pro fight in 2015 against Manny Pacquiao, a senator in the Philippines, in what is said to be the most lucrative fight. Mayweather won by unanimous decision. (unified WBA (Super), WBC, WBO and The Ring Welterweight titles).

2. Mayweather vs. Andre Berto (9/12/2015) UD
Mayweather made it 49 wins out of 49 pro fights by beating Andre Berto in a convincing unanimous decision. (retained WBA (Super), WBC, The Ring and Lineal Welterweight titles)
mc gregor

1. Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor (8/26/2017) TKO
This was Mayweather's most recent fight and probably his last fight after announcing his retirement. Mayweather won in the 10th round.
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