Cheapest MTN Nigeria Call Tariff Plans and Migration Codes (2017)

Are you tired of spending much on calls, have you asked of which prepaid MTN call tariff plan that will be suitable for you to call families and friends on the MTN network. Allas this post tends to answer those questions and provide you lasting solution to that.
MTN Tariff plans

In this post the cheapest MTN Call Tariff Plans and migration codes for August 2017 are revealed, also How to migrate to MTN XtraPro, MTN XtraSpecial, MTN BetaTalk, MTN TruTalk+, MTN iPulse, MTN Zone, MTN AWU4U, MTN SUPERSAVER PLUS are all revealed.

After much research and experiments, i came up with some of these best tariff plans For MTN calls that will suit your lifestyle for 2017 especially for those who want to spend less on phone calls.

Cheapest MTN Call Tariff Plans in August 2017

There are varieties of tariff plans to choose from but the challenge we face is to know which plan minimizes your spending rate and maximizes your call time, therefore we try to optimize your calls by providing you the right information.

Cheapest MTN Call Tariff Plans in August 2017

1. MTN Xtra Pro
The MTN XtraPro is a relatively new and cheap MTN tariff plan that will allow you to make calls at 11k/sec(6.60k/Min) to all network, access fee of N5 daily is applicable. Sometimes the N5 may not be chared on your fist call due to insufficient balance, then the call rate changes to 20k/sec(N12/Min) with extra benefit of receiveing free health tips for 7days.

To Migrate To MTN XtraPro Tariff Plan
just dial *401# and select 1 to migrate OR text 401 to 131.
using MTN Xtrapro you can get as much as 14 minutes call time with just N100 recharge card, since 1min=N6.6 therefore N95=14.39mins (N100-5=N95).

2. MTN XtraSpecial
This MTN tariff plan does not charge daily acess fee and charges as low as 15k/sec(N9/min) to all networks in Nigeria, daily access fee does not apply.
Other benefits such as 7days free Epl videos subscription with selected international numbers at thesame rate.

To Migrate To MTN XtraSpecial Tariff Plan
just dial *408# and select 1 to migrate / send 408 to 131.
With N100 airtime on MTN XtraSpecial you can get as much as 11.11minutes call time since 1min= N9, therefore N100=(100/9)=11.11mins.

3. MTN BetaTalk
For those who spend lots of time on phone call MTN BetaTalk is another cheap tariff plan that will suit your life style. For every N100 and above you recharge, you get 250% airtime bonus and 10MB of data every week, while for recharge below N100, you get 150% bonus airtime.

Local calls when on the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan charges at NGN24/minute (40k/seconds), these will be deducted from the bonus airtime. Your main airtime starts counting when the bonus airtime must have completely exhusted.
To Migrate To MTN BetaTalk
Just dial *123*2*6# OR send BT to 131.
With just N100 on MTN BetaTalk, you can enjoy as much as 14.58seconds call time.
With N100 recharge, you will get(100 + 250% of 100) =N350 in your Beta talk account.
Since 1min = N24, N350 =(350/24) =14.58 mins.

4. MTN TruTalk+
MTN Trutalk+ call tariff plan is another plan that allows you to make call at cheaper rate. This plan offers customers calls at flat rate of 11k/secs to every network in Nigeria and 20k/secs to international destinations.

Similar to MTN Xtra Pro call plan, access fee of ₦5 per day is applied and deducted from the first call of the day.

To Migrate To MTN TruTalk+ Tariff Plan
Just dial *123*20# OR send TP to 131.
With N100 airtime on MTN TrueTalk+ call plan, you can enjoy as much as 14.39mins call time.
Since 1min = N6.6, therefore N95(100-5) will give (95/6.6)= 14.39 mins.

MTN has rebranded the MTN pulse tariff plan to MTN ipulse which enables you make calls to all networks in Nigeria at 15k/secs or 11k/secs after your first 60secs of the day which will be charged at 40k/secs. This plans is best for those that live in the campus as calls made within a school campus are charged 11k/secs, while calls made outside the campus are charged 15k/secs after the first 60secs.

I actually love this plan because it has lots of options, not just cheap calls but also other benefits like MTN Night Data plan, affordable data tariff, and lots of others.

When using MTN ipulse tariff plan be sure to enjoy the following:
=> Flat rate of 11kobo/sec for calls across all
local Networks after spending N10 daily.
=> Mid Night browsing at N25/day for 500MB.
=> Music streaming on Music+ at N10/day
=> 100% data bonus on the purchase of 500MB weekly bundle .
=> Data bonus on recharge.

To Migrate To MTN Pulse Tariff Plan just dial *406# or send 406 to 131
With just N100 on MTN Pulse, you can enjoy as much as 11.52mins for campus zone, since first 60secs = (40k × 60secs) = N24.00 therefore
(100 - 24 = N76.00) left
11k × 60 seconds = N6.6k now N75/N6.6 +1min = 11.52 minutes.

For off campus zone, since since first 60secs = (40k × 60secs) = N24.00 therefore
(100 - 24 = N76.00) left.

15kobo X 60 secs = N9.00k
with N100 recharge card, you will get > N76/N9 + 1min = 9.4 mins

I remember back in those days when i was using MTN Zone, it saved me a lot of money because of its discount in charges. although i later left this tariff plan when i discovered an increase in call charges. This MTN tariff call plan offers a call reduction of up to 99% to MTN to MTN calls which is about 1kobo per second. for local calls on MTN to MTN lines depending on the time and location.

Below are some of the benefits of MTN ZONE tariff plan
Happy Hour: enjoy calls as low as 1kobo per second,
Start of Call Notification that displays call rate at the moment

How To Migrate TO MTN ZONE Tariff Plan
Simply dial *135*1#
however the call rate varies with both time and location so the calculations will be based on assumptions

This MTN Supersaver plus is an awesome tariff plan that allows calls at the rate of 15kobo per seconds for calls across the nation after the first minute of MTN to MTN at 40k per second.
some of the benefits of MTN Supersaver includes:

  • 7days free news feeds
  • super roamer free
  • free happy hour from 00:30am to 4:30am every day for MTN to MTN calls
  • after call notification to inform you of your call summary

To migrate to MTN SUPER SAVER PLUS tariff plan, simply dial  *408*1# or send 408  to 131
with N100 on MTN SUPERSAVER PLUS you enjoy as much as 9.4 minutes of calls .

this MTN tariff plan doubles or tripples your airtime on each recharge, for each recharge below N100 yoy get 200% and for recharge above N100 you get 300% airtime bonus. to double or tripple  your airtime, recharge with *888*PIN# or use the VTU service to recharge
with N100 airtime you can get as much as 15minutes of call time.

In summary lets take a look at this MTN tariff plans and migration code  in Nigeria.

  1. MTN Xtra pro: dial *401# and select1
  2. MTN XtraSPecial: dial *4408# and select 1
  3. MTN BETA TALK: dial *123*2*6#
  4. MTN TRUTALK+: dial *123*20# 
  5. MTN iPULSE: dial *406#
  6. MTN ZONE *135*1#
  7. MTN Supersaver plus: dial *408*1#
  8. MTN AWU4U: dial *888*PIN#

at this poin we have given you all the available MTN tariff plans to choose froom. always share this joy with your family and friends.

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