Latest UEFA ranking dominated by spanish teams.

UEFA releases its first ranking of the season with the two Madrid giants leading the ranks with Barcelona in third place while Sevilla joined them in top ten at sixth position as the Spanish teams dominate the top ten.
Uefa ranking atm vs real madrid

Unsurprisingly, Real Madrid top UEFA's rankings while city rivals Atletico Madrid made their way to second place at the expense of Bundesliga giants Bayern muchen.

The most notable rise is that of Athletico Madrid (the rojablancos) With Barcelona on third and Sevilla sixth as Spanish teams make a remarkable dominance on the top ten.

Diego simeone's men are ahead of Bayern despite missing out in 2012/2013 season, as UEFA only considers the last five editions which put them ahead of the baverians as they reached two finals and two semi-finals and one quater-final.

Manchester city is the only English team to make the top ten sitting at ninth position, while Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United missed out in top ten. France and Portugal also have one representative in top ten, PSG and Benefica respectively.

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Top ten teams are

1. Real Madrid (ESP) with 151,799 points

2. Atlético (ESP) with 133,799 points

3. Barcelona (ESP) with128,799 points

4. Bayern (GER) with 122,656 points

5. Juventus (ITA) with119,049 points

6. Sevilla (ESP) with 109,799 points

7. PSG (FRA) with 103,249 points

8. Dortmund (GER) with 95,656 points

9. Manchester City (ENG) with 94,363 points

10. Benfica (POR) with 87,783 points

Other teams in the list include

11. Arsenal (ENG) with 84,363 points

13. Chelsea (ENG) with 80,363 points

16. Manchester United (ENG) with 78,363 points

23 Villarreal (ESP) with 61,799 points

29 Athletic (ESP) with 53,799 points

30 Valencia (ESP) with 53,799 points

41 Celta (ESP) with 36,799 points

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