Top 20 richest athletes in 2016

Ronaldo Tops the list of richest Athletes in 2016.

cristiano ronaldo
According to Forbes Cristiano Ronaldo earned $88m in the last 12 months.
Forbes, an American world business magazine presented  Cristiano Ronaldo as the richest athlete in the world. The Real Madrid star is the first soccer player to ever top the year chat of the world's most-paid athletes.

tiger woods
Since 2000, the two famous names ,Tiger Woods or Floyd Mayweather has led the way but are now ranked 12th and 16th respectively. Ronaldo earned $88m in the last 1 year- $6.6m more than the second placed Lionel Messi.

Lewis Hamilton (11th) is the highest-paid Briton ahead of Real Madrid's Gareth Bale and Manchester united's wayne Rooney.
louis Hamilton
Serena Williams ($28.9m) at No 40, and Maria Sharapova ($21.9) at No 88 are the only two women in top 100.
serena williams
This figures include all salaries with bonuses earned between June 1 2015 and June 1 2016, with endorsement incomes.

The list is as follows:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal); Football ($88.0m).

2.Lionel Messi (Argentina); Football ($81.4m)

3.LeBron James (USA); Basketball ($77.2m)

4. Roger Federer (SuiI);
Tennis ($67.8m)

5.Kevin Durant (USA);
Basketball ($56.2m)

6.Novak Djokovic (Serbia);
Tennis ($55.8m)

7.Cam Newton (USA);
American football

8.Phil Mickelson (USA);
Golf ($52.9m)

9.Jordan Spieth (USA);
Golf ($52.8)

10.Kobe Bryant (USA);
Basketball ($50.0m)

11.Lewis Hamilton (Engand);
Formula One

12.Tiger Woods (USA);
Golf ($45.3m)

13.Eli Manning (USA);
American football

14.Joe Flacco (USA);
American football

15.Tom Brady (USA);
American football

16.Floyd Mayweather (USA);
Boxing ($44.0m)

17.Rory McIlroy (NIrl);
Golf ($42.6m)

18.Russell Wilson (USA);
American football

19.Sebastian Vettel (Germany);
Formula One ($41.0m)

20.Philip Rivers (USA);
American football

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  1. Where is Matthew Stafford on the list, he has the highest contract in the NFL.


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